SmartKing® Offline narrow wall reader

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The SmartKing® Offline narrow wall reader consists of a built-in proximity antenna and a separate electronic control unit which is placed in a secured area.

The built-in antenna unit reads the user medium from a distance of 1-5 cm depending on the type of medium and signals the release via a LED. If the medium is valid, the access is granted by activating a universal output on the control unit. The SmartKing® Offline narrow wall reader is completely sealed in plastic and has a stainless steel surround offering protection against vandalism and atmospheric influences.

The control unit has a built-in TCP/IP network interface, inputs, 2 relay outputs and supports an internal and external reader. Due to its simplicity it is ideally suited for glass doors, fire protection doors, apartment doors for disabled or elderly people, central main entrances, electric gates, automatic doors, hygienic areas, activation of other systems such as elevators…


  • Wall mounted electronic reader
  • Stainless steel surround
  • Weatherproof, sealed module
  • Mifare® technology
  • Read range: 1-5 cm
  • Optical and acoustic signal
  • 2048 event memory with date, time and user ID
  • Input for request to exit button
  • 2 relay outputs
  • Connection for IN and OUT reader
  • Network connection for online use
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in narrow or wide design
  • Standard 3m cable (10m optional)
  • Ideal solution for problematic access doors such as glass doors
  • 5 year warranty

Technical specifications

Antenna unit - finish

stainless steel surround

Antenna unit - environment

weather-tight sealed module

Antenna unit - dimensions

40 x 115mm (w x h)

Antenna unit - connection

3m cable (10m optional)

Antenna unit - feedback

optical and acoustic signal

Electronic control unit - finish

plastic shield white

Electronic control unit - dimensions

170 x 110 x 40mm (l x b x h)

Electronic control unit - power supply

12-24 VDC

Electronic control unit - readers

max. 2 (internal/external)

Electronic control unit - outputs

2 x potential-free relays 24V/1A
adjustable release time 0 (1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds)

Electronic control unit - input

1 for request to exit push button

Electronic control unit - connection

RJ45-network connection for online connection

Electronic control unit - comparable with

SmartKing® Offline, SmartKing® Hotel and SmartKing® On Card systems