SmartKing™ flap barrier

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This unique pedestrian barrier installed in conjunction with any access control system provides valuable assistance to security personnel at any monitored entrance.
The flap barrier is available as a single- or multiple-lane setup and is compatible with most access control systems, such as magnetic, biometric and proximity readers.


  • Advanced design: the design includes an elegant style appearance, a stainless steel cabinet which integrates the PLC with rigorous logic, an advanced system of detection and tracking sensors, the hieroglyphic symbols and both audio and visual alarms.
  • Finishing: the standard flap barrier is finished in brushed AISI 304 stainless steel and ACRYLIC arms. The top cover of the unit can be finished with marble, stainless steel or other materials, the color of arms can be optional for several colours.
  • Hieroglyphic symbols: The flap barrier is equipped with two types of hieroglyphic symbols to inform authorization permission and access situation
  • Emergency: The flap barrier is a failsafe security barrier. In case of power failure the arms will open automatically. If a fire alarm system or other alarming signal is input by according ports, the barrier will also open automatically.
  • Detection logic and alarming: The standard flap barrier is equipped with several sets of detection cells on each side of unit. All the detection cells are in the position where they will most accurately detect intrusions according our rigorous defining. When detective any intrusion, the alarming will be triggered. Use an audio and visual alarming with corresponding output.
  • User safety: We also define several cells to detect obstructions during its movement. If an obstruction is detected during closing, the arms wing will stop its movement to prevent the user from being clamped. The speed of the door wings is adjustable, within the limits of the safety standards. For maintenance reasons, an internal counter is integrated, assuring timely service and maintenance.
  • Customized finish: We offer a full design service for custom enclosures, as well as alternative colours and materials for arms and top cover.

Technical specifications

Power supply

AC 220V/110V







Pass way


Open signal input

dry connect, TTL or 5V impulse

Control logic


Torque limiter


Driving mechanism

crankshaft-rod device for smooth operation with fast and progressive movements

Power failure

Automatic opening device in case of power failure

Opening time

1 second

Operating temperature

-10 C t o + 60 C


Single lane 110KG, double lane Intermediate 150KG


1150 x 1400 x 1000 mm