SmartKing™ access control swing gate

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Swing gate is a controlling device which is designed for places with relatively large aisle width to manage  access control and passenger flow. It has a unified and standard external electrical interface which can be connected with a variety of identification devices such as IC card, ID card, barcode and fingerprint. It can be widely used in spaces where intelligent management is required such as stations, wharfs, subway, factories, mansions, office buildings, libraries, theatres, enterprises, convention centers, sport venues, tourist attractions, hotels, clubs, etc.


  • Anti bumping: when the swing arms meet resistance during the operation, the motor will stop working automatically and turn back to the original state after the default time (until reaching the target position or changing to other modes when receiving different signals)
  • Anti-shock: the arms will lock automatically if receiving no authorised signals
  • Self-resetting: if the user does not pass through at the stated time, the system will cancel his/her access permission this time automatically
  • Anti-panic: when power-off, the clutch is triggered and the arms are opened, allowing people to pass through unhinderedly
  • Remote control: the access control can be managed through RS485, remote buttons, etc
  • When in operation, the running is smooth, noise is low and cushion is soft.
  • The machine can manage access control in one-way or two-way at the same time
  • AISI-304 brushed stainless steel cabinet is elegant and durable, while the surface of the cassette mechanism is electroplated and anti-corrosive treated by yellow bicarbonate  with the thickness of 15µm
  • The emergency mode, normally close mode and infrared trigger mode can satisfy different requirements, ensuring the unhindered passing through

Technical specifications


280 x 170 x 1080 mm


900 mm


35 kg

Swing angle

90° in two-way


AC220±10% V/50±10%HZ


24V/40W brushless motor

Input signal

Dry contact, TTL or pulse signal which width is more than 100ms

Communication speed



40 people / min (NO), 20 to 30 people / min (NC)

Open and close time


Start-up time

10 s


Inside, outside (awning)




≤ 95%