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SmartKing® provides stand-alone and network access control solutions for shops, banks, hospitals and nursing homes, schools, industrial buildings, public buildings and homes. SmartKing® is distinguished by the unique combination of security, reliability and modern design at extremely competitive prices. SmartKing® access control is easily extendable and adaptable to your specific needs.


You want only to allow certain people access to important areas? Tired of the time consuming key management with lost keys or key duplicates? A clear overview of who enters your building? SmartKing® lets you flawlessly manage your access control.


From standalone to networks. Start with a simple solution and expand according to your own needs or budgets. Does your workforce change or do you want to grant other rights? The SmartKing® access control system allows you to make adaptions in an instant.


Integrate SmartKing® with your existing IT infrastructure or other security systems such as camera surveillance, time registration, intrusion prevention systems, fire alarms, gates, barriers, management platform for buildings, visitor management and HR systems.

Easy installation

During the design process of SmartKing® access solutions, quick and easy installation is key. All products come with clear installation schedules. Done with research or installation issues which will save an enormous amount of time and money.