SmartKing® On Card software with portable programming unit incl. USB-cable up to 64000 doors

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The SmartKing® On Card software is a complete, convenient and computer based electronic locking system. From small to large locking applications, SmartKing® On Card is capable of controlling and managing a maximum of 64,000 doors and 64,000 users. All commands and information for locks and access rights are stored in user’s media which can be updated anytime through any online SmartKing® wall readers. The web based software is fully featured with lock settings, time schedule, user profile management, and issuing cards.

The lost cards can be banned automatically after reissuing user cards.  A clear record and monitoring page can help administrators supervise the whole system.  The user friendly graphical user interface is multilingual which make it very easy to manage. Thanks to the efficient, simple, secure and portable battery powered SmartKing® USB programmer, locks can be initialised, read or written to.


  • Virtual networking system
  • Setup by the programmer, updated by user media
  • Max door: 64,000
  • Max user: 64,000
  • Max door group: 1,500
  • Time zone: 200, 12 Intervals each
  • Calendar: 128, with holiday options
  • Opening mode: 1. Standard / 2. Office Mode / 3. Toggle / 4. Timed Toggle
  • Daylight saving time
  • Emergency mode
  • Audit trail: 1,024 events per device
  • Construction mode
  • Users and operator report
  • Anti-pass back
  • Low battery power warning list for wireless locks
  • Scheduled database backup, export or import
  • User account authorization
  • Postgre SQL database

Computer requirements

  • PC with Intel® Pentium processor 1.0GHz+ or AMD Athlon 1000+ or higher
  • Min. 256 MB RAM
  • Min. 100 MB free memory on the hard drive
  • Free USB 2.0 interface
  • Microsoft® Windows® VISTA, 7, 8, 10, Internet Explorer 11