SmartKing™ full height turnstile single or double gate

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Full-height turnstile is a bi-directional  controlling device designed for places where high-security is required, normally to be used to realise unsupervised access management. Mechanical design and durable stainless steel construction ensures its operation in high-intensity environment. It can also work in relatively poor conditions to control the accessing safely and effectively. Possible applications include use in stations, wharfs, tourist attractions, factories, enterprises, football stadium, prisons, ect.


  • Single or double gate
  • Remote control: different button settings such as release button, emergency switch button, modes-changing buttons, available in the control room for easy and quick access
  • Anti-panic design: in case of emergency the power can be cut off or emergency button pushed to unlock the machine in order to allow unimpeded passage
  • The unique design of the cassette mechanism endows the safe, durable and steady turnstile features which allow a maintenance-free use, and this more than one million times
  • The unified and standard external electrical interface can be connected with a variety of reading devices
  • The design allows for easy system integration, can be remote controlled and managed by a computer
  • Counting function: the turnstile can accurately record the number of people passing through and output the signals to another management system through communication protocols and relay
  • The hydraulic kinetic cushion technology can not only avoid the equipment vibration effectively, but also provide a natural and smooth operating when in high-speed environment
  • Anti-climb design: optional accessory used to prevent unauthorised people climbing over from the top of the turnstile
  • High explosive-proof grade: strong mechanical design can withstand the dynamic impact of 150kg
  • The outside material is a 304# stainless steel with thickness of 1,5mm. Stainless steel welding, grinding and polishing process make for an extremely reliable and steady quality
  • When turnstile rotates at 60° degrees, the mechanical combination locks automatically to prevent back rotation
  • Anti-corrosive treatment: internal parts are electroplated by yellow bichromate with thickness of 15µm or treated by cataphoresis with the thickness of 2015µm, while the crust is made by phosphatized high-quality steel after spraying plastics
  • Spray-paint treatment: spray painted by dry powder with the thickness of 100 µm.


Operating mode: each passageway of the turnstile can be configured in one of 5 different operating modes in each direction of passage:

  1. Free access
  2. Permanently locked
  3. Locked, but free to rotate in case of power failure
  4. Electrically controlled
  5. Electrically controlled, but free to rotate in case of power failure

Technical specifications


1521 x 1396 x 2237 mm


220± 10% V, 50± 10% HZ

Control circuits

24V DC

Power consumption

100W in static state


580 mm

Turning radius

640 mm

Swing angle


Passage width

≤ 600 mm

Power off

opened automatically


15 people/min (NC), 25 people/min (NO)

Input signal

Dry contact, TTL or pulse signal which width more than 100ms

Operating temperature

-20° C to + 65° C

Relative humidity

Less than 95%, no condensation





Service time

1 million operations


grey, beige

Passing method