SmartKing™ infrared button with stainless steel front plate

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  • Strong and durable stainless steel front plate which resists strong acid
  • Touchless activation to prevent any disease contagion
  • Suitable for public areas such as hospitals or restaurants
  • Built-in microcontroller with power-on self test
  • Specially designed to prevent any interference from other infra-red
  • The front of the detector is waterproof design IP65
  • Adjustable IR range (3~12cm)
  • Adjustable time (0.5~20sec) or toggle mode
  • Jumper to select red or green status on closed / open
  • Dual color LED illumination red or green
  • Built-in relay
  • Optional 2m cable for infrared button
  • Optional metal box available for surface mounting
  • Front plate and IR button available seperately

Technical specifications

Power supply

12–24 Vdc +/- 10%

Current consumption

12V: 16mA in standby, 23mA on activation
24V: 20mA in stanby, 30mA on activation


adjustable 3–12cm +/- 25%


86×86 mm, diameter 39 mm


stainless steel


NO / COM / NC max. 1A/30Vdc

Operating temperature

-10°C – 70°C

Sealing protection



Infra red 100.000 hours, relay 1.000.000 times