SmartKing® Offline software with portable programming unit

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The user friendly and easy-to- use programming software allows the creation of a plan matrix of users that have access to individual doors. Access approvals can be installed depending on area and time individually. The cylinders will be programmed with a portable programming unit. All events will be logged at each cylinder with date/time stamp and user ID. These data can be read with the portable programming unit and reported with the software.

Technical Specifications

  • Web based software for the programming of electronic cylinders and readers
  • Up to 5.120 users and 1.024 doors per project, max. 100 projects
  • Event memory of single controlled cylinder: 1.024, double controlled cylinder: 512 events
  • Wall reader: 2.048 events
  • Locking plan matrix for user assignment to the respective doors
  • 8 out of 9 time zones can be programmed individually, 1 time zone per user
  • Programming of cylinders, fittings and wall readers with a handy USB portable programming device
  • Read of access activities from cylinder to the portable programming device, next simply transfer it to the PC via USB port
  • PostgreSQL database (the world’s most advanced open source database)

System requirements

  • PC with Intel® Pentium processor 1.0GHz+ or AMD Athlon 1000+ or higher
  • Min. 256 MB RAM
  • Min. 100 MB free memory on the hard drive
  • Free USB 2.0 interface
  • Microsoft® Windows® VISTA, 7, 8, 10, Internet Explorer 11