SmartKing™ split-design controller EM & HID wide

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  • This access control kit contains an access control host, an iBox (power supply) and an sButton (exit button)
  • Access control host: structure in aluminum alloy, durable, safe and water proof IP65
  • 2000 user capacity, each user with 4-6 digits PIN
  • Master Add and Delete card, convenient to add or delete user
  • Card or PIN, card and PIN mode
  • Pulse mode or toggle mode relay output
  • Eight working modes option: Wiegand reader, standalone single door, standalone for two doors, with external reader for two doors, two door interlock, anti-passback single door, anti-passback two doors, automatic mode
  • Intelligent power supply that communicates with access host in encrypted mode
  • Two relays in iBox also suitable for controlling two doors
  • Professional doorbell function with doorbell choice integrated in the iBox or external doorbell
  • Other functions: tamper alarm function, anti-duress alarm, lockout function, safe mode, multi-card to open door, programmable backlight, programmable relay time