SmartKing™ design flap barrier

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This unique pedestrian barrier installed in conjunction with any access control system provides valuable assistance to security personnel at any monitored entrance. The flap barrier is available as a single or multiple lane setup and is compatible with most access control systems such as magnetic, biometric, and proximity readers.

  • Ideal for a wide variety of pedestrian access requirements, the length of a single flap is not less than 300mm, which can allow smooth access of pedestrians with bags in both of his hands.
  • Due to mechanical anti-panic design the gate wings will retract back into the cabinet automatically and guarantee a smooth flow in case of power failure.
  • The flap barrier can show four different colours according to different states like standby, running, halt and waiting.
  • The adoption of crank connecting rod design promises a stable machinery operation and increases service life effectively.
  • The hydraulic kinetic cushion technology ensures a natural and smooth operation when in high-speed environment, and avoids equipment vibration.
  • It owns highly-secure protection with different functions of detection logic. Different data, such as the number of passengers, can be output through communication  forms such as RS 485, TCP/IP by alarm signals
  • When the barrier is halted, the toughened -glass flapslock mechanically and can’t be manually forced to open. Comprehensive working modes include normally closed, normally open, emergency close, emergency open, fire alarm opening and fail-safe automatic demoting
  • With CE certification and meets EMC requirements
  • PLC: adoption of a powerful PLC design promises the easy adjustment and reliable working.
  • Surface processing: the default cabinet adopts AISI-304 stainless steel and the arm is ACRYLIC. Elegant oval design integrates into all architectural surroundings.
  • Symbol: precise backlit symbols for intuitive process and high through output
  • Top cover: top grade wood cover or stainless steel as option
  • Emergency: Self safe design, opens automatically if turned off or input an emergency signal like fire alarm
  • State LED: four different colours according to different states as standby, running, halt and waiting
  • Detection sensor: multiple sensors on both sides, installed in the fittest position for detection


  • Single lane or multiple lane setups
  • Normally open or normally closed working mode
  • Top cover equipped with marble or stainless steel
  • Several colours for arms available
  •  Adaptations for integration of a proximity card reader under the top cover
  • Pedestal for mounting of external card readers, biometric or other authorization systems

Technical specifications


1400 x 350 x 1020 mm




AC220 ± 10% V, 50Hz


24V/30W DC motor



Reader window2




Initial time


Input signal

Dry contact TTL, or pulse signal which width more than 100ms

Flank window



60/minute (NO); 40/minute (NC)

Open time



-20°C ~ 60°C


inside / outside (awning)


≤ 95%


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